Polyimide film(CR/FCR)

NAME:Polyimide film(CR/FCR)  ID:Polyimide Film Series Supplier

CR Polyimide Film is CORONA RESISTANCE polyimide film(CR PI), which is to withstand the damage effects of corona, causing ionization and final breakthrough

of insulating material or system when voltage pressure is in critical level. As a result, besides properties of polyimide film, CR PI can also resist corona, which has

been widely used in the fields of requiring corana resistance. FCR PI also available,which is made of CRPI coated by F46 on single or double sides.

* Corona resistance.
* Excellent dielectric performance.
*Higher mechanical strength, better tear resistance and flexibility.
*Supplied with different sizes


 Type  CR-25H  FCR-25H(single-sideF46) FCRF-25H(double-sideF46)
Thickness mm 0.025±0.003 0.038±0.003 0.05±0.005
Basic weight g/m2±10%  35 55 70
Supply size Supplied in rolls, core diameter: 76mm. Width:6mm--520

customization can also be available.

Typical Properties(The follows are just examples not read as guaranteed values)

Items Test methods Units Typical Value CR-25H/FCR-25H/FCRF-25H
   1.Visual The surface should be even and free from wrinkle, blister, adhesive particle
 2.Corona resistance 1KV 20HZ 90℃±2℃ hr  ≥75
 3.Tensile strength ASTM/D882 MPa 135/100/100
 4.Elongation ASTM/D882 % 40/40/40
 5.Dielectric strength ASTM/D149 kV/mm 200/130/105
 6.Vol. Resistivity, ASTM/D257 Ω.m 1 x 1015
 7.Surface Resistivity, ASTM/D257 1 x 1015
 8.Dielectric constant ASTM/D150  3.5±0.4
 9.Dielectric dissipation ASTM/D150 4.0×10-3
 10.Dimensional Stability IPC TM 650,2.2.4A % 1
 11.Peeling strength(F/F) IEC62068-1-2003 N/25mm  --/6/6
 12.Temperature index UL746BMech.  230
UL746BElec.  230

The product is packed in reinforced carton and sealed in plastic film bag. Please keep dry and in room temperature.  Shelf life is 24 months.

CR Polyimide Film is widely used in traction motor,wind generator,variable frequency motor,electrical rotating machine,high voltage transformer,magnetic wire wrap,

high-voltage cable insulation.,requiring corona resistance.

Note: 1.All of above information is based on our best knowledge, not read as guarantees. Right reserved for corrections.

2.Please contact us if customization requirements.