Polyimide Resin Powder

NAME:Polyimide Resin Powder  ID:Polyimide Resins Powder Supplier

Polyimide Resin Powder  is synthetic polymerized resin,and smashed into fine powder by airflow. It has excellent  heat stability, mechanical and

dielectric strength, radiation and chemical resistance, etc.,widely used from automotive  industry  and  aerospace to  industrial applications  and office


* Excellent heat resistance      * Excellent dielectric performance   *Higher mechanical strength, better tear resistance and flexibility.
*Machinable with standard tools   * Low wear and friction        * Good compatibility with fillers

Supplied with different types:
1. PIR-001  polyimide resin for grinding wheel 
Visual: Fine yellow powder  Particle size:less than 40um  Gravity:1.32g/cm3
Softening temp.:90-120℃  Hardening temp.:230℃
Application: used as solid lubricants in grinding wheels of diamond,CNB,etc. For more,see PIR-001 in business unit2 or contact us.

2. PIR-002 ODPA-based polyimide resin
Visual: Light yellow powder        Gravity:1.4g/cm3
Tensile strength(23°C):90Mpa;Flexural strength(23°C):105Mpa;Compressive strenth(23°C) 10% strain:110Mpa; Friction coefficient:0.15-0.25;

Application: matrix resin for shapes,components,parts with excellent physical properties.esp. flexibility. It can also be mixed with graphite,glass fiber,PTFE,etc.

For more,see PIR-002 in business unit2 or contact us.

3.PIR-003 BMI-based polyimide resin
  Visual: Fine yellow powder     Gravity:1.32g/cm3
   Heat decomposition:430℃   Gelling ing time:200--500s/170℃      Solubility:soluble in DMF,etc.
Application:matrix resin for reinforcement prepreg  of fibers(cabon,glass,etc.), mixture with epoxy for heat resistance,etc.(Before use, dissolve in DMF,etc.

 for a certain solid content solution) For more,see PIR-003 in business unit2 or contact us

4.PIR-004 BTDA-based polyimide resin powder, used as matrix resin for shapes,components,parts with excellent physical properties, and also for coating,membrane,etc.

5.PIR-005 PMDA-based polyimide resin powder,  used as matrix resin for shapes,components,parts with excellent physical properties.

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