Specialty&Extract Chemicals

Available specialty & extract chemicals:

1. Aloe vera powder(100x,200x)-- extracted from barbadensis aloe. For more details,please click Aloe vera powder to download

2. L-theanine(N-ethylglutamine) synthesis 99%--- for more details, please click L-theanine  to download

3. Tea polyphenol--extracted from green tea leaf , for more details,please click Green Tea Extract to download

4. EGCG--extracted from green tea leaf, for more details,please click EGCG to download

5. Synephrine--extracted from citrus aurantium (bitter orange), for more details, please click Bitter orange extract  to download

6. Synephrine hcl over 98% , for more details, please click Synephrine Hcl  to download