Polyimide Coverlay

NAME:Polyimide Coverlay  ID: PI Coverlay Supplier


 Polyimide(PI)Coverlay is made of polyimide film coated by modified stage-B acrylic or epoxy adhesive on single side or double sides with

protection release film or paper. PI Coverlay is widely used in protection of FPCB.


* Excellent dielectric performance,high bondability and good dimension stability;

* Low fluidility and good processability;

* Supplied with different sizes and colours(yellow,black,white);

NOTE: Please just contact us for customized polyimide bondply and stiffener of this material


Items  Unit  CPI-10  CPI-20  CPI-30  CPI-50
 Typical thickness mm±10%  0.05  0.075  0.10  0.15
 Film thickness  mm  0.025(1mil)   0.05(2mil)  0.075(3mil)  0.125  (5mil)
 Adhesive thickness  mm   0.025   0.025   0.025   0.025
 Nominal weight  g/m2±10%  60  100  130  200

Supply sizes & packing: standard roll: 50 square meters per roll,width:500mm; carton after winded up

into log roll and sealed by plastic film bag,core size:3"(76mm)

Note:customizations also available

Typical properties(the follows are just examples not read as guaranteed values)

 Items  unit  Test method  Typical datas

1. peel Strength

-As normal conditions

After Soldering





 2.Dimension Stability  % IPC-TM-650-2.2.4A  0.12
 3.Adhesive flow max.  mil/mil IPC-TM-650-  4.3:1
4. Volatile Content  % IPC-TM-650-2.3.37 3.0
5. Soldering float 288℃/10sec. IPC-TM-650-2.4.13  pass
6. Moisture Absorption  % IPC-TM-650-2.6.2 4.0
7. Dielectric strength  kv/mm ASTM-D-149 78.8
8. Chemical resistance  % IPC-TM-650-2.3.2 80
9. Dielectric constant MHZ IPC-TM-650- 4.0
10.Dissipation factor  ---- IPC-TM-650- 0.04
11. Volume resistivity MΩ-cm IPC-TM-650-2.5.17 108
12. Surface resistivity MΩ IPC-TM-650-2.5.17 106

Sotrage: keep dry and cool, Shelf life:12 months

Application: Polyimide Coverlay  is mainly used in protection of flexible printed circiut board and other relevant fields.

Recommendation of work condition:Pressure:15 ~ 20 kgf/cm2;Temperature:165 ~ 1750C;Time:45 ~ 60min.

Note: 1.All of above information is based on our best knowledge, not read as guarantees. Right reserved for corrections.

2.Please contact us if customization requirements.