Round&Tubular Polyimide film

Polyimide tubings & Die-cut polyimide parts are made from polyimide film with excellent heat stability, mechanical and dielectric strength, radiation and chemical resistance, and able to be applied from -269(-452°F) to 400℃ (752°F).

1. Polyimide tubes with different wall thickness:0.015mm--0.1mm, diameters: 0.1mm-5.0mm and different length,widely used in electrical,electronic and medical fields,etc.

Available for customization

2. Die-cut Polyimide round sheet with different thickness:0.05mm,0.075mm,0.10mm,etc. and diameters:6mm,9mm,12mm,etc.,widely used in electronic and electrical industry.

Available for customization and other die-cut shapes.

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