Polyimide tape for multi-layer label

Polyimide tape for multilayer label is made of polyimide film with one side coated by acrylic adhesive and another one specially treated for easy peel-off, widely used in making multilayer labels and other field needing easy peel-off.


*Easy peel-off on one side


* Work long time at 155 but short time at 180

* Good workability and bonding strength;

Supply thickness construction: 0.025mm polyimide film+0.03mm acrylic adhesive; supply width & length: 520mm&50m or 100m

Note: customization also available.

Major technical data:

Tensile strength: min. 50N/CM

Breakdown voltage: min. 4kv

Adhesion (to steel): min.2.3N/CM

Packing: carton after  winded into log roll and sealed by plastic film bag   Shelf life: 6 months

Storage: keep dry and cool in room temperature

This multilayer label is made of our above polyimide tape: